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Our turf weed control & fertilization program is designed to keep your lawn green and weed free, year round. The program consists of 6 applications per year. Each treatment is designed to provide the best nutrients and weed control that your lawn needs at varying points of the year.

As a state licensed Ornamental Pest Control Applicator, we understand the science of integrating biological, cultural, and organic strategies into an effective fertilization and pest control program. Fertilization requirements depend on several factors: the soil type, weather conditions, and turf breed. For these reasons, it is important to match the amount and type of fertilizer or weed control agent that is applied to your lawn. Rely on our expert applicators for a lush, weed free lawn at competitive pricing. Our customers enjoy great looking yards and so should you.

Fertilization Program

Mow-Town’s Fertilization Program has been developed in conjunction with recommendations of leading local and nationally recognized horticulturist. Mow-Town’s fertilization program will provide the nutrients that your lawn needs. We use only top quality, timed-released, high-nitrogen fertilizer. Each year beginning in the early spring, and continuing through late fall, (active growing season), it is recommended that your lawn be treated every six (6) weeks.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Many weeds are best controlled by preventing seeds from sprouting prior to germination. Crabgrass, chickweed, and many other weeds are difficult to impossible to control after they emerge (become visible). Mow-Town’s Pre-Emergent Weed Control program is the application of pre-emergent to keep weeds from germinating.

Post-Emergent Weed Control

Mow-Town’s licensed technician will properly identify any weeds that emerge. The licensed technician will then determine the proper herbicide application program for the control and elimination of the weeds. Applying post-emergent herbicides will only control/eliminate the currently existing weeds; it will not prevent additional weeds from germinating.

Core Aeration

During the core aeration process, a powered device is rolled over your lawn with metal tubes penetrating several inches, removing plugs of thatch and soil then depositing them on the surface. These plugs create holes that allow air, water, and organic matter to reach the root system. Throughout the growing season these holes make room for soil to loosen and permit root growth.


Limestone conditions soil and maintains a proper alkalinity-acidity level essential for good soil. The measure of alkaline to acid is called pH, scientific shorthand for the concentration of hydrogen ions. pH levels are expressed by a numerical scale, on which 7 is neutral, 1.0 is very acidic and 14.0 is very alkaline. Very acidic soil with low pH is not conducive to healthy plant growth.

Active lawns continually remove soil nutrients and release hydrogen, which boosts acid. Magnesium and calcium, which naturally help neutralize soil acidity, are routinely washed by rainfall deeper into the soil, away from plant roots. A regular application of limestone naturally neutralizes acid in the soil and allows the lawn to flourish. With proper pH levels, beneficial microorganisms thrive and continually break down thatch, reducing damage from insects or disease. Liming is an important part of a turf management program and is safe to use, non-toxic to humans or grass, and will not contribute to water pollution.

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